Joseph Shepherd


A new novel by John Jung

John Jung, Clinical Director of New Creation Counseling Center, has written a new novel, Joseph Shepherd.  

Purchase this book today through Amazon Smile and have part of your purchase donated to New Creation Counseling Center.  

Joseph Shepherd is an unassuming genius whose medical and scientific prowess is matched only by his compassion and understanding of those he serves. He has the courage to confront powerful people, and the compassion to serve the poorest London beggars.  Yet Shepherd is misunderstood and ends up in frequent confrontations with those who would plan to kill him. His final adventure gives pause to the reader to really examine who this man is.


Shepherd meets his travel partner Luke Greene after a rescue at sea. They go on to experience a harrowing sea battle with pirates, and later help launch the Mayflower, just one of the ways they influence history wherever they travel. Their adventure takes them to England and America, as they meet and influence the towering figures of the 17th century. Travel with Shepherd and Greene on this fascinating journey as they meet luminaries like Galileo, William Harvey, Oliver Cromwell, Francis Bacon, European monarchs, and even a few killers along the way. 


Joseph Shepherd is John Jung’s third book and his first novel. This book has been 30 years in the making since the first idea of Joseph Shepherd formed in John’s thinking. John hopes that you share his love for Shepherd, and that you will want to follow future journeys of this adventurous traveler.




Purchase Joseph Shepherd through Amazon Smile and donate a portion of your purchase to New Creation Counseling Center!



It's simple.  Visit the Amazon Smile website and log in to your account.  Once you are logged in, Amazon Smile will prompt you to choose the charitable organization you would like to support. There is a search box towards the bottom of the screen that says "Or pick your own charitable organization".  Search for "New Creation Counseling Center" and you will see us on the results list.  Hit "select", follow the rest of the instructions, and you're ready to shop.


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All proceeds from the sales of this book will go to New Creation Counseling Center, to aid in its mission.



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